The Tech Gifts That Are Hard to Buy This Holiday Season

the tech gifts that are hard to buy this holiday season

Sumary of The Tech Gifts That Are Hard to Buy This Holiday Season:

  • We’re living in an era of scarcity driven by a global chip shortage, widespread unemployment and the effects of government-imposed lockdowns that were meant to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • That has disrupted global supply chains, made manufacturing difficult and snarled the shipping of items around the world.
  • And the list of hard-to-get items has grown even longer, encompassing Wi-Fi routers, cheap laptops and audio gear.
  • Game consoles and high-end graphics cardsLet’s start with some of the most desirable and hardest-to-buy tech products: Sony’s PlayStation 5, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Nintendo’s new Switch, which have been virtually impossible to find on store shelves in the last year.
  • Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have warned that the chip shortage could lead to supply constraints through 2022.The chip shortage and overwhelming demand for gaming products have also led to perpetual scarcity of high-end graphics cards, which people use to upgrade their computers to run more powerful games, Mr. Moorhead said.
  • Millions are following Twitter accounts that scan retail sites and tweet as soon as game consoles and graphics cards are back in stock.
  • I recommend following @mattswider, the editor in chief of the blog TechRadar, who relies on sources at retailers to post inventory updates on game consoles and graphics cards.
  • So far, only the high-end Eero Pro models have received substantial discounts.

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