The U.S. is investigating the origins of COVID-19. Here’s what’s known about the probe


Sumary of The U.S. is investigating the origins of COVID-19. Here’s what’s known about the probe:

  • Experts say the 90-day review ordered on May 26 by President Joe Biden will push American intelligence agencies to collect more information and review what they already have..
  • Former State Department officials under President Donald Trump have publicly pushed for further investigation into virus origins, as have scientists and the World Health Organization..
  • Biden ordered a review of what the White House said was an initial finding leading to “two likely scenarios,”.
  • The White House statement says two agencies in the 18-member intelligence community lean toward the hypothesis of a transmission in nature;.
  • One document drawing new attention is a State Department fact sheet published in the last days of Trump administration..
  • believes three researchers at a Wuhan, China, lab sought medical treatment for a respiratory illness in November 2019..
  • The origin and severity of the staffers’ illness is not known — and most people in China regularly go to hospitals, not primary-care physicians, for routine care..
  • David Feith, who served as deputy assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs under Trump, said he supported Biden call for an enhanced review….

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