The value of uncertainty in learning

the value of uncertainty in learning

Sumary of The value of uncertainty in learning:

  • Let me borrow the words of 2008 CASE/Carnegie Professor of the Year Michael Wesch: “Our schools are generally still organized around answers rather than questions.
  • ” The problem is that many people still think that students go to school to shop for answers.
  • He would always tell his students to focus more on asking the right questions rather than being content with trivial answers.
  • To cite, he once surprised us, his students, with a long exam, where he did not require answers to questions.
  • “As educators, it is time to unlearn the process of letting students display what they already know,” says Takayama, Brown University professor.
  • The most thought-provoking aspect of the known-unknowns is how it makes students active co-owners of the learning process.
  • } In the 21st century, Google can practically give society answers faster than any person.

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