There is an evictions crisis happening right under our noses | Aditya Chakrabortty


Sumary of There is an evictions crisis happening right under our noses | Aditya Chakrabortty:

  • I was looking for signs of a storm brewing now that the evictions ban in England is over and it legal again for landlords to send in bailiffs to turf out tenants..
  • One Saturday in mid-May, he asked Radha if the couple wanted to renew the tenancy, saying that if he didn’t hear by first thing on Monday “the UK main evictions company will take over from there”..
  • Last week, he forwarded John an exchange with a law firm, with the subject line “Hackney Eviction – Step 1”..
  • He said to me “in exasperation, with no end to the dispute in sight”, eviction appeared to be the only way to resolution..
  • Since February, John has developed severe psoriasis, the pain of which rules his days and gives him sleepless nights, and for which he goes into hospital three times a week..
  • Call this a shadow eviction, of a kind that has gone unremarked in the media and in politics but is as much a theme of this pandemic as soaraway house prices..
  • At the London Renters Union, Michael Deas notes a large and growing number of tenants in much worse situations than John and Radha….

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