Thirteen gorillas test positive for Covid at Atlanta zoo

thirteen gorillas test positive for covid at atlanta zoo

Sumary of Thirteen gorillas test positive for Covid at Atlanta zoo:

  • More than a dozen gorillas have tested positive for Covid-19 at Zoo Atlanta, probably after contracting the virus from a keeper, zoo officials said.
  • Staff were alerted when several of the zoo’s troop of 20 western lowland gorillas began exhibiting symptoms, including runny noses, mild coughing and loss of appetite.
  • In a statement posted to the zoo’s website, officials said they believed a vaccinated member of its animal care team, who was wearing personal protective equipment and asymptomatic when she came to work, probably transmitted the virus.
  • “The teams are very closely monitoring the affected gorillas and are hopeful they will make a complete recovery,” Sam Rivera, Zoo Atlanta’s senior director of animal health, said.
  • Some of the gorillas are receiving monoclonal antibodies, and staff are paying close attention to Ozzie, a 60-year-old male thought to be most at risk of Covid complications.

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