Trump’s lame-duck status leaves governors to wing it on COVID

trumps lame duck status leaves governors to wing it on covid

Sumary of Trump’s lame-duck status leaves governors to wing it on COVID:

  • Said Lanhee Chen, a fellow at the Hoover Institution and a former senior health official in President George W..
  • Residents of many conservative states don’t acknowledge the depth of the health problem, especially given Trump and some of his allies have stressed the crisis is being overplayed and will end quickly..
  • The bottom line is that many people just aren’t sufficiently scared of the virus to do what must be done to stop the spread, said Rodney Whitlock, a health policy consultant and former adviser to Sen..
  • Health policy experts largely agree that the virus’s spread, not the end of the election, is what’s driving these changes — though the end of the campaign season does take political pressure off governors inclined to issue COVID-preventive policies..
  • Christopher Adolph, an associate professor at the University of Washington, and his team with the university’s COVID-19 State Policy Project have been studying states’ responses to the pandemic….

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