UK Covid live: Sturgeon sets out timetable for easing of restrictions up to April


From Newsnight’s Lewis Goodall, on the differences between the Scottish and UK governments’ approaches to lockdown easing

Lewis Goodall

So let differences between the Westminster (England) govt approach yday

-much longer school reopening -fewer dates beyond April, FM said no point until we have data on reopening schools/more data on vaccines-Scotland is to return to a tier/level system

February 23, 2021

Boris Johnson has described the threat climate change poses to global security as of “paramount importance”. Speaking at the start of a virtual United Nations security council session on climate change, he said:

I’m very, very proud to be the first UK prime minister to be chairing the security council in three decades or more.

The reason I’m proud to be doing this particularly today is because the issue before us, security and climate change, and the impact of climate change on global security, is now of absolutely paramount importance.

Johnson also introduced a video message from Sir David Attenborough, a man he described as having “devoted much of his life to chronicling the threats to all forms of life on our fragile blue planet”…


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