UK Covid news: Johnson suggests testing for people returning from ‘green list’ countries …


Sumary of UK Covid news: Johnson suggests testing for people returning from ‘green list’ countries could be simplified:

  • (See 11am.) Very promising news that the @ValnevaSE vaccine shows a strong immune response and will progress to Phase 3 trials..
  • If it is successful and meets our robust safety standards this vaccine will be manufactured in Scotland, providing a crucial weapon in our battle against COVID..
  • Getty Images Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that all Scottish pupils will return to school after the Easter holidays..
  • She said that the proposals – which she was continuing to discuss on a four-nations basis – raised issues of fairness for people who right now can’t get vaccinated, for example younger people..
  • This is what Boris Johnson said when asked if he agreed with easyJet boss Johan Lundgren (see 10.10am) that people returning to England from “green list”.
  • In it Johnson said the easyJet boss Johan Lundgren was right to ask whether it would be possible to use lateral flow tests for people returning to the UK from “green list”.
  • Dave Thompson/AFP/Getty Images Turning away from Covid for a moment, the Times has worrying news for Labour this morning..
  • It is reporting the results of a Survation poll (paywall) in Hartlepool suggesting that the Conservatives are on course to beat Labour by seven points in the byelection..
  • Having spent the last year obsessed with telling people that he isn’t Jeremy Corbyn, the country has been left shrugging its shoulders and asking, “Who are you, then?”.
  • Worse than this, failing to set out a vision for transformative change that will shift the political and economic balance of forces back in favour of working-class people will make the Labour party an irrelevance..
  • As evidence to support his argument, Ward cites other results of the poll suggesting that 57% of voters in the constituency support renationalising the Royal Mail and 69% of them support the idea of providing free internet access for all..
  • (Ward article does not really explain why, if these are the sort of policies most likely to win over voters in Hartlepool, the Conservatives seem to be on course for victory.) Polling a byelection is always difficult, and only 502 people were sampled by Survation, making it subject to a wide margin of error..
  • And the results (pdf) do not seem to have been subject to the normal weighting used to make polls more reliable..
  • At this stage in the contest, it would appear a significant proportion of 2019 Brexit party voters have moved to the Conservatives, have yet to make up their minds or will choose not to vote..
  • WPA/Getty Images The Valneva vaccine, which is set to be manufactured in the UK, produces a “strong immune response”.
  • Data from an early-stage phase one/two study involving 153 people showed promising results for the jab, paving the way for phase three clinical trial..
  • The vaccine was safe and generally well tolerated, with no safety concerns identified by an independent data safety monitoring board..
  • The company said the results showed the vaccine was “highly immunogenic with more than 90% of all study participants developing significant levels of antibodies”.
  • These results are very promising and provide renewed hope that a vaccine using a whole inactivated virus might provide strong protection against variants..
  • If the results from the phase three clinical trials are positive and the vaccine meets the robust standards of safety, quality and effectiveness of our medicines regulator, the MHRA [Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency], this will be another powerful weapon in our arsenal to beat this pandemic..
  • On the Today programme this morning Prof Graham Medley, chair of SPI-M, explained why a third wave was predicted when so many people are being vaccinated..
  • It really just depends upon the impact of vaccination, particularly on transmission, so whether or not people can get infected and pass the virus on….

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