UK should not sign EU deal at any price, says Sunak

UK should not sign EU deal at any price, says Sunak

The UK should not accept a deal with the EU at any price, the chancellor has said, insisting that the coronavirus pandemic posed a greater threat to the UK economy than Brexit.

Speaking as UK and EU negotiators enter what could be their final week of discussions, Rishi Sunak said he was hopeful that a trade and security agreement would be reached.

The European commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, said on Friday that “better progress” had been made in recent days, but there were still gaps on significant issues such as fishing and competition regulations.

In an echo of Theresa May’s 2018 speech in which she insisted “no deal is better than a bad deal”, Sunak told the BBC: “I think we’re being entirely reasonable with our requests and have been consistent and transparent through this process about what’s important to us,” he said. “But we will prosper in any eventuality.

“In the short-term specifically, and most immediately, it would be preferable to have a deal because it would ease things in the short-term. I think the most important impact on our economy next year is not going to be from that, it’s because of coronavirus.

“We should not be going for a deal at any price, that would be the wrong thing to do and I think there are things that are important to us in these negotiations, and we’ve been entirely, as I said, reasonable, consistent and transparent.”…

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