UK to give 100m Covid vaccine doses to poorer countries within a year


Sumary of UK to give 100m Covid vaccine doses to poorer countries within a year:

  • The UK will donate 100m surplus coronavirus vaccine doses within the next year to low-income countries as part of at least 1bn doses due from the G7..
  • The US has promised to buy 500m Pfizer vaccines at a cost of $3bn for distribution to 100 poorer countries, with 200m to be distributed this year, in addition to releasing 80m of its surplus by the end of June..
  • But a group of campaigners including the former UK prime minister Gordon Brown said the G7 package did not address the structural problems facing low-income countries in securing a regular supply of vaccines, adding that these countries needed 12bn vaccines, at a cost of $50bn..
  • “Forty-seven of Africa 54 countries – nearly 90% – are set to miss the September target of vaccinating 10% of their people unless Africa receives 225m more doses,”.
  • Boris Johnson first promised in February that the UK would give a majority of its surplus vaccines to poor countries, and Thursday announcement provided some of the details..
  • Eighty per cent of the UK 100m doses will go to Covax, the UN-led international clearing house for vaccines for poorer countries, and the remainder will be shared bilaterally with countries that the UK selects..
  • The UK believes it can afford to give up 5m doses in the coming weeks without delaying completion of its own vaccine programme..
  • It points out it was the fourth-largest donor to Covax last year, and 96% of the doses it gave were Oxford/AstraZeneca, of which it helped fund the development….

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