UK’s long Covid patients facing postcode lottery for support


Sumary of UK’s long Covid patients facing postcode lottery for support:

  • In clinical support for debilitating symptoms, with some areas of the UK offering no specialist clinics more than a year after coronavirus took hold..
  • Other sufferers said they were disappointed by long Covid clinics investigating certain symptoms only, with no comprehensive treatment plan..
  • In October, NHS England announced more than £10m for a network of clinics bringing together doctors, nurses, therapists and other NHS staff to conduct physical and psychological assessments and recommend treatments for long Covid patients..
  • Additional local funding would also be available to help establish a clinic in every area, the NHS England chief executive, Simon Stevens, said..
  • But Louise Barnes, founder of the Post Acute Covid Syndrome 19 (Pacs19) patient advocacy group, said a survey of 200 British members revealed about 90% had not been able to access a clinic because there wasn’t one available, their GP could not refer them or they were declined without explanation..
  • “Patients in the UK have waited going on a year to get support for the multitude of symptoms they’ve been experiencing..
  • To finally think you are going to get referred to a clinic but your GP tells you they don’t have any information, or you get there to find it a ‘respiratory-only clinic’ or only staffed by physiotherapists leaves them feeling despondent..
  • ’I look normal, but my body is breaking down’ – video “We’ve heard very good reports from some of the clinics in Leeds, Leicester, Bristol, and University College hospital (UCH) in London, but there still exist prominent geographical inequalities regarding access with many patients in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland unable to access them at all – likewise in Devon and other areas..
  • She lives seven miles from the Leeds long Covid clinic but cannot access it because it falls under a different hospital trust..
  • “I just want an expert to look at me as a whole person and say this is OK, that OK, I suggest we do this because it fits in with how we’ve treated post-viral fatigue previously, and I’ll catch up with you again in three weeks.”.
  • I know it very new, and nobody really knows what they’re dealing with, but I need to see someone who is doing research into long Covid and has got an understanding of it,”.
  • “I’ve had basic tests at my local hospital but not seen anyone in person other than a neurologist who suggested I might be imagining it all,”.
  • Fin Edge, 58, from Reading, waited months for an appointment at the Royal Berkshire hospital long Covid clinic and eventually had an online consultation with a doctor….

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