‘Unreal’: Constituents’ fury grows 50 days after Ferrier broke Covid rules


Sumary of ‘Unreal’: Constituents’ fury grows 50 days after Ferrier broke Covid rules:

  • Kelly Livingstone was half-watching the 10 o’clock news on Thursday 1 October when she noticed an image of the MP Margaret Ferrier flash up on the screen..
  • Livingstone watched, aghast, as the report detailed how the Scottish National party member for Rutherglen and Hamilton West had travelled to London and spoken in the Commons while awaiting the results of a coronavirus test, then returned by train from London to Scotland after receiving a positive result..
  • What was not included in the initial report was the fact that Ferrier had visited several local businesses on the day she took the test..
  • Speaking for the first time about the immediate aftermath of Ferrier reckless behaviour, Livingstone told the Guardian:.
  • There followed a lengthy police interview, photographers at the door, and the understandable anxiety that a direct public association with Ferrier would deter customers from the new business which had only opened its doors a fortnight before the UK first lockdown in March..
  • Fifty days later, she is preparing to close her business for a second time as the west of Scotland enters near-lockdown, and her sympathy for Ferrier – who continues to sit as an independent MP after the SNP immediately withdrew the whip – has evaporated..
  • is how Livingstone describes Ferrier adamant refusal to step down, despite widespread and continuing condemnation, including from her own former party leader and the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon..
  • while the Met police in London decided to take no further action against Ferrier, Police Scotland announced on Wednesday that it had submitted an initial assessment to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service and would be carrying out further inquiries under their direction..
  • Any police investigation takes precedence over that of the Commons standards commissioner, whose final sanction could trigger a recall petition, which would allow her constituents to decide whether they want a byelection..
  • The SNP itself is awaiting the outcome of these strands of inquiry while Ferrier remains suspended from the party..
  • while Ferrier did appear via video link, rather bizarrely with her camera switched off, at prime minister questions on Wednesday to raise a case on behalf of a constituent, on the streets her absence is noted again and again….

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