US 9/11 blamed on Iraq; pin China next?

us 9 11 blamed on iraq pin china next

Sumary of US 9/11 blamed on Iraq; pin China next?:

  • More dramatic than any movie imagined, today is the 20th anniversary of the “9/11” twin towers collapse.
  • It was a war for oil – to frighten other rulers into following US desires “or else,” to keep the US dollar control over the world, to keep the US as the hegemon of the world.
  • ” The former World Trade Center twin towers under attack on Sept.
  • Why do CNN, and Fox News’ earnest-faced interviewers ask with surprise and anger if resource experts put to doubt “the consensus findings of our intelligence agencies?
  • Among many other corroborating details, Omar al Bayoumi, who works for the Saudi government, helped hijackers Nawaf al Hazmi and Khalid al Mihdhar move into apartments and open bank accounts.
  • Obama banned US citizens from suing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because it “may lead to suits vs the US” – for similar conspiracies, massacres and deaths around the world?
  • Former governor Jesse Ventura notes what many historians observed, that with the US, “[e]very war starts with a false flag operation.

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