US honors 9/11 dead on 20th anniversary of attacks

us honors 9 11 dead on 20th anniversary of attacks

Sumary of US honors 9/11 dead on 20th anniversary of attacks:

  • Heart-wrenching commemorations will unfold at each of the three sites where 19 Al-Qaida hijackers — mostly from Saudi Arabia — crashed packed airliners, striking the cultural, financial and political hearts of the United States and changing the world forever.
  • Six moments of silence will be observed, corresponding with the times the two World Trade Center towers were struck, and fell, and the moments the Pentagon was attacked and Flight 93 crashed.
  • 11, 2001. In the interim, Al-Qaida founder Osama bin Laden has been hunted down and killed.
  • “But the Taliban who once sheltered bin Laden are back ruling Afghanistan, the mighty US military humiliated.
  • In Guantanamo Bay, accused 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other men continue to await trial, nine years after charges were filed.
  • And in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the third wave of hijackers crashed into a field after passengers fought back, sending United 93 down before reaching its intended target — likely the US Capitol building in Washington.

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