US intervention in Iraq bolsters terrorism – expert

us intervention in iraq bolsters terrorism expert

Sumary of US intervention in Iraq bolsters terrorism – expert:

  • The chaos caused by the US-led invasion of Iraq not only encouraged terrorism to continue in the country but also forced it to cross borders and become a regional issue, Hashim al-Shamma, a political researcher at the Iraqi Center for Legal Development, a nongovernmental organization, said in a recent interview with Xinhua.
  • The US-led coalition invaded Iraq in March 2003 with allegations that the Saddam Hussein government harbored and supported al-Qaida, the Islamist militant group that launched the 9/11 attacks, and that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction although Washington failed to provide any concrete evidence of its allegations.
  • The real democracy the Iraqi people are trying to build is unlike the one brought by the United States, one that produced a weak government, a divided country and growing sectarian strife among Iraqis, the expert said.

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