Vaccinated Have 1 in 13,000 Chance of Breakthrough Case Needing Hospitalization

vaccinated have 1 in 13000 chance of breakthrough case needing hospitalization

Sumary of Vaccinated Have 1 in 13,000 Chance of Breakthrough Case Needing Hospitalization:

  • But there’s reassuring news from new data: Most such cases are mild and those leading to hospitalization are exceedingly rare.
  • 30, there have been 12,908 cases of COVID-19 resulting in hospitalization or death among vaccinated Americans, CNN reported.
  • 30, that works out to a one in 13,000 chance of a vaccinated person getting a case so severe that hospitalization is required, the news agency said.
  • Compare that to unvaccinated adults, whose risk of needing hospital care if they contract the new coronavirus is now 17 times that of their vaccinated peers, according to one study published last week in the online preprint journal medRxiv, which has not yet undergone peer review.
  • Fully vaccinated people now make up only 4% of cases of people hospitalized with COVID-19, CNN reported.
  • Among these rare cases of vaccinated people getting a breakthrough illness that requires hospitalization, 70% occurred among adults aged 65 and older.
  • For example, in the medRxiv study looking at cases from Jan.
  • , almost a thousand patients hospitalized for a variety of causes were tracked from the end of March through July of 2021, CNN reported.

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