Vaccine-or-test requirements increase work and costs for governments

Sumary of Vaccine-or-test requirements increase work and costs for governments:

  • Amanda Kostroski, a 911 dispatcher in Madison, Wisconsin, leaves her busy job once a week to go to a county health clinic to be tested for covid-19. She’s been making the 15-minute drive from work since late September, when Dane County mandated all employees get vaccinated or tested weekly.
  • The testing is free, and she is typically back to work within an hour.
  • Dane is one of several dozen counties, cities and states that require workers to get a covid vaccine or get tested regularly.
  • They also say vaccinated workers don’t need testing because they are less likely to get infected and, if they do, are less likely to contract a severe case of covid.
  • But it has been costly, often requiring governments to use federal covid relief dollars they would rather have spent elsewhere.
  • 4, the Biden administration will require private employers with 100 or more workers to insist on shots or weekly testing.
  • More than two dozen Republican state attorneys general sued the administration, arguing the federal government lacks the authority.
  • A federal appeals court agreed with them and temporarily blocked the order, and the case might end up before the Supreme Court.

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