Vaccines minister says England must be ‘really careful’ about 21 June exit


Sumary of Vaccines minister says England must be ‘really careful’ about 21 June exit:

  • As it considers delaying the 21 June lifting of all coronavirus restrictions, the vaccines minister, Nadhim Zahawi, has said..
  • “There has been some really hard-won battles against this virus and we don’t want to squander those hard-fought gains that we have made through the vaccination programme,”.
  • He told BBC Radio 4 Today programme that last week there was a 63% increase in cases, but only a 7.1% increase in hospitalisations and a 1.9% increase in deaths..
  • Britain decision to send 100m surplus vaccines to the world poorest nations, announced on Thursday, would not affect the vaccination programme, he said..
  • So our deployment programme will not be impacted at all, by our donation of 100m doses we’ve got over 500m doses on order,”.
  • “We’re giving surplus doses away, we’re looking in the cupboard, we’ve got more than we need, and we’re giving it away.”…

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