Variants and Vaccinations: The State of the Virus in N.Y.C.

variants and vaccinations the state of the virus in n y c

Sumary of Variants and Vaccinations: The State of the Virus in N.Y.C.:

  • Those concerns have grown as the highly infectious Delta variant has driven up the city’s daily coronavirus case counts to their highest totals since mid-May.
  • Some other large cities have restarted indoor mask mandates that include even vaccinated residents (which Mr. de Blasio said he would not do) or announced plans to require all city employees to be vaccinated.
  • Caragh Poh writes:Kmart opened its doors at 770 Broadway, a commercial landmark where the West Village meets the East, in 1996. Anyone who’s taken the 6 to Astor Place might recall the big red “K” that can be seen from the subway platform, beckoning riders to hunt for discounts.
  • For those who actually stopped in, searching for a three-pack of Hanes T-shirts or a clean-ish city bathroom, the store could provide a memorable, and occasionally haunting, shopping experience.
  • At least that was the case for all those who shared online tributes to the store after it closed abruptly on July 11.On Twitter, the author Jason Diamond described going to the Astor Place Kmart as “one of the weirdest shopping experiences for reasons I could never quite put my finger on.
  • ”“I never went to the Astor Place Kmart, mostly because I was certain it was haunted,” tweeted Malika Hunasikatti, a 32-year-old policy specialist.
  • In recent years, the Astor Place Kmart bravely defied all consumer-psychology logic: The shop’s aisles were rearranged so often that it seemed like an ongoing prank.
  • In addition to showcasing a mind-boggling assortment of items, the Kmart aligned itself in the ’90s and early aughts with a mishmash of celebrities and entertainment franchises.

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