ventilation critical to combat spread of covid

Sumary of Ventilation critical to combat spread of COVID:

  • Air quality in buildings is a risk to the public and therefore also a liability for building owners, managers and employers.
  • World Health Organisation adviser Distinguished Professor Lidia Morawska.
  • Install CO2 monitors in rooms (CO2 is a recognised proxy for pathogens in the air – working like smoke detectors), install filters and purifiers, audit air quality, install public information displays, flush rooms between uses, post air quality management guides.
  • Across the world the issue of ventilation is receiving significant attention.
  • Australia urgently needs a national taskforce to elevate ventilation and air quality management to the equivalent of vaccination.
  • There is an assumption there will be a bounce back when vaccination targets are met.
  • Unless there is an industry-wide effort to make air quality in our buildings (and transport systems) safe and demonstrate that to the public, confidence will wallow and the “suburban shift” continue.
  • And debate has now turned to the seemingly inevitable – vaccination passports.

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