Victoria Covid update: state on track to reopen despite record 2,297 cases, Daniel Andrews says

victoria covid update state on track to reopen despite record 2297 cases daniel andrews says

Sumary of Victoria Covid update: state on track to reopen despite record 2,297 cases, Daniel Andrews says:

  • Andrews said he was committed to opening up the state next week when the 70% double-dose vaccination milestone was met, and that when that happens, daily case numbers would become “less relevant”.
  • “Save and except for this point – case numbers, particularly among unvaccinated people, will translate into a number of hospital patients,” he said.
  • ”There were concerns over whether the high case numbers will affect the state’s reopening, but the numbers are still within the Burnet Institute-modelled peak of between 1,400 and 2,900, which Victoria was predicted to hit later this month.
  • Although the spike in cases has come early, the rate of hospitalisation is still quite low, epidemiologists have said.
  • ”She said the R0, or a reproductive number of the virus, was still sitting below one and that the vaccine rate was keeping people out of the hospital.
  • “The Burnett predicted our peak demand on hospitals would be 1,066 people, and our most recent hospital data shows there are 706, so we’re a long way shy of that,” she said.
  • “We will still see more people in hospital but nothing like the models have forecast yet.
  • ”There are current 147 Victorians in ICU, and the Burnett modelling was expecting 700, with case numbers.

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