Victoria’s ‘final step’ goes beyond expectations as masks come off outdoors and mo …

Victoria's 'final step' goes beyond expectations as masks come off outdoors and more rules relax

Face masks will no longer be required outside in Victoria from midnight, as long as physical distancing can be maintained.

Key points: From December 13, Victorians will be allowed to have up to 30 visitors to their home per day The Chief Health Officer says he’s “confident” Victoria has no community transmission Caps on public gatherings and indoor venues are also being increased from midnight

Victorians will still need to wear face masks indoors, and carry them outdoors in case they cannot physically distance.

“If you go to Bunnings and you are inside the store, you are wearing a mask. If you are in the car park, you do not have to wear your mask,” Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“But if you are queueing up for a sausage, and you are with other people, and you are simply not keeping a distance — you are part of a crowd, you need to put the mask on.”

Masks remain mandatory on public transport.

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Face masks are set to become slightly less ubiquitous in Melbourne.(ABC News: Chris Le Page)

The relaxed rule is among a series of restrictions being eased as Victoria enters the final step of its “roadmap” towards COVID normal.

Victorians will be able to have up to 15 visitors to their homes per day from tomorrow, and the limit on outdoor gatherings will increase to 50 people.…

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