WA para-athlete Robyn Lambird says AstraZeneca COVID vaccine made her ‘crook as a dog’ but it wa …


Sumary of WA para-athlete Robyn Lambird says AstraZeneca COVID vaccine made her ‘crook as a dog’ but it was worth it:

  • Numbers of overseas visitors for the Tokyo Olympic Games without mandatory vaccinations or quarantines, the Nikkei business daily reported on Wednesday..
  • Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail UsCopy the Link WA para-athlete Robyn Lambird says the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine made her crook as a dog when she got the jab this week, but said she was still “pretty grateful”.
  • For Lambird, the decision to get the vaccine was a no-brainer, and not just because it makes the prospect of travelling to Tokyo in August for the Paralympics a lot more appealing..
  • As someone with cerebral palsy, the elite athlete is particularly vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19, so she was keen to get the protection the vaccine provides as soon as she could..
  • Then, a day after she got the jab, Prime Minister Scott Morrison came out and said Australians under 50 should not get the AstraZeneca jab because of a rare but dangerous blood clotting side effect..
  • “But I’d read up on the stats before I got the jab, so I realised that, while it was a possible side-effect, it pretty uncommon, so I wasn’t too worried,”.
  • The State health department said in a statement it had temporarily put AstraZeneca vaccinations on hold in order to update “informed consent information”…

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