Warning for shoppers as COVID-19 spreads in supermarkets

warning for shoppers as covid 19 spreads in supermarkets

Sumary of Warning for shoppers as COVID-19 spreads in supermarkets:

  • “We’re also noticing now workers and patrons are picking up the disease and taking it home to their families.
  • “Read more about the spread of COVID-19 in Australia:But Retail and Fast Food Workers Union secretary Josh Cullinan said members in Sydney were concerned the government’s “weak lockdown” had not done enough to protect them.
  • “Yet again in Sydney right now the government is failing to implement a real lockdown which protects their health and their safety,” Mr Cullinan said.
  • He said workers wanted paid pandemic leave and a genuine lockdown where customers were only able to shop for essential items in person, and workers were not asked to work across multiple sites.
  • “We’ve still got members who are still required to sell to customers at the front door, not click and collect but actually putting stools out so they can try on shoes or go and browse with them,” Mr Cullinan said.
  • He also said there was more PPE available now than at the start of the pandemic, “but we get many reports, particularly from cleaning staff at Coles and Woolies and others, that they haven’t been properly trained in dealing with COVID and they haven’t been given any specific PPE”.
  • Union boss Josh Cullinan says retail workers want a “real lockdown” to ensure their safety.
  • Coles said its cleaning processes complied with state and federal guidelines, while Woolworths encouraged the union to provide specific details to back up its claims.

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