Washing cloth masks doesn’t affect their filtering ability, confirms study

washing cloth masks doesnt affect their filtering ability confirms study

Sumary of Washing cloth masks doesn’t affect their filtering ability, confirms study:

  • Turns out that washing and drying reusable cloth masks doesn’t affect their filtering ability.
  • Listen to this article The reusable cloth masks people have been using for the past year or more may look a little worse for the wear.
  • But new research from the University of Colorado Boulder finds that washing and drying them doesn’t reduce their ability to filter out viral particles.
  • The study, published in the journal Aerosol and Air Quality Research, also confirms previous research that layering a cotton mask on top of a surgical mask–properly fit on one’s face–provides more protection than cloth alone.
  • “That cotton mask that you have been washing, drying and reusing?
  • ” Science for sustainability Since the start of the pandemic, an estimated 7,200 tons of medical waste has been generated every day–much of which is disposable masks.
  • Image courtesy: Shutterstock “We were really bothered during the beginning of the pandemic when going out on a hike or going downtown, and seeing all these disposable masks littering the environment,” said Vance, who is also on the faculty in the environmental engineering program.
  • So Vance was eager to join forces when scientists at the nearby National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) approached her about studying how washing and drying impacts reusable cloth masks.

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