Wealthy nations urged to give portion of Covid vaccine as ‘humanitarian buffer’


Sumary of Wealthy nations urged to give portion of Covid vaccine as ‘humanitarian buffer’:

  • The stockpile is intended for use in emergencies and as a safety net to ensure the global effort to end the Covid-19 pandemic is not sabotaged by governments using vaccines as bargaining chip with restive populations, our outrightly denying it to some marginalised groups..
  • The Guardian understands the UK is so far resisting requests to commit a percentage of its first doses to the fund, though it has contributed £500m to the global vaccine-sharing scheme Covax and increased its funding of the World Health Organization (WHO) after the Donald Trump administration announced it was withdrawing from the group..
  • “Our ambition is to defeat this virus by working together globally to develop, mass produce and distribute a vaccine,”.
  • “We are ensuring that people in the UK have access to a coronavirus vaccine once one meets robust standards of safety and effectiveness, but we’re also actively supporting equitable distribution in developing countries.”…

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