What do we know about the new ‘worst ever’ Covid variant?

what do we know about the new worst ever covid variant

Sumary of What do we know about the new ‘worst ever’ Covid variant?:

  • 1.1.529 has a very unusual constellation of mutations, which are worrying because they could help it evade the body’s immune response and make it more transmissible, scientists have said.
  • The NICD did not attribute the latest resurgence to the new variant, although some leading local scientists suspect it is the cause.
  • Other coronavirus variants include Alpha (which originated in Kent in the UK), Beta (formerly known as the South African variant) and Gamma (originally found in Brazil).
  • It has been suggested, following a drop in cases in Japan, that variants can “mutate themselves out of existence”.
  • South Africa will be placed under England’s red list travel restrictions from midday on Friday – affecting between 500 and 700 people who typically travel to the UK from South Africa each day via operators including British Airways and Virgin Airlines.
  • England’s travel red list had remained empty since the final seven countries, including Peru, Colombia and Panama, were removed on 1 November.
  • Scientists in the UK are working around the clock to understand more about the new variant.

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