What do we know about the planned new Covid tier system for England?

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Sumary of What do we know about the planned new Covid tier system for England?:

  • Downing Street has announced that once England comes out of its latest lockdown, the country will enter a three-tiered system of coronavirus restrictions, in an effort to keep infections down..
  • The health secretary, Matt Hancock, has previously said that he expected England to return to a tiered system, while experts have been warning for weeks that the earlier approach had problems..
  • Speaking at a Downing Street press briefing on 16 November, Dr Susan Hopkins, an epidemiologist and medical adviser on the Covid-19 response, added that the impact of tier 2 restrictions varied in different places, but that measures under tier 3 and the so-called “tier 3-plus”.
  • Dr Michael Head, senior research fellow in global health at the University of Southampton, said strengthening the tiers was sensible, not least as it would be expected to keep cases lower and hence reduce pressure on healthcare services..
  • “That is one of the key points of it, to make sure the healthcare is accessible both in terms of infection control and beds for Covid patients, and to ensure healthcare services are free for non-Covid patients as well, so that we don’t see cancer wards and stroke services and mental health services closed because staff are off sick or isolating because of Covid,”.
  • “I think it would be such a boost to the whole of the UK if the four nations, each responsible for healthcare in a devolved way, can come together and agree a set of arrangements that both safe and careful and sensible, but also allows families to see each other at Christmas.”…

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