What the Fight Over Facebook Misses

what the fight over facebook misses

Sumary of What the Fight Over Facebook Misses:

  • My wish for all of us, our elected leaders and the technology companies that mediate our discourse, is for everyone to stay glued to what they can do to find common ground.
  • President Biden walked back his provocative language, but the White House continued to press Facebook to do more, including to provide information on the prevalence of coronavirus misinformation on the social network.
  • My colleague Sheera Frenkel reported that Facebook doesn’t actually have this data, in part because the company hasn’t tried hard to find out.
  • My former colleague Charlie Warzel called this a “great example of social media-influenced and flattened discourse that is poisoning us all.
  • ”Both Facebook and the White House are a little bit right and wrong, as my colleague Cecilia Kang said on The Daily this week.
  • On the White House side, officials started with nuanced suggestions from the surgeon general to improve health information, including recommendations for government officials and social media companies.
  • It would also help if the company simply said aloud what Sheera reported — that it doesn’t know the prevalence of misleading coronavirus information on its social network and cannot answer the White House’s questions.
  • And we’d repeat the same fights over who is to blame for misinformation, the limits of freedom of expression and whether social platforms are doing too much or too little to control what’s said on their sites.

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