What Victoria’s rule changes mean for Christmas and the summer ahead

What Victoria's rule changes mean for Christmas and the summer ahead

Victorians will be able to celebrate Christmas in their homes with up to 30 guests, and enjoy a summer outdoors mostly free of masks.

Here’s how the rules will be changing in the next few weeks.

Up to 15 household guests from Monday

Starting from 11:59pm on November 22, 15 visitors will be allowed in homes each day.

Though Victoria has gone more than three weeks with zero new coronavirus cases, Premier Daniel Andrews stressed the situation was “fragile” and people should take the limits seriously.

“What we’ve seen all over the world, and certainly here some months ago, is that gatherings in the family home can be the most dangerous,” he said.

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Premier Daniel Andrews outlines how restrictions will change from 11:59pm Sunday.

The 15 visitors can be split over the day and each visitor can come from a different household.

Dependents are counted among the 15, but babies aged under one are not.

Outdoor gathering sizes will also grow, with up to 50 people allowed.

Mr Andrews said the same household gathering limits would also apply to people booking holiday homes.

How many people can I have over for Christmas lunch?

From 11:59pm on December 13, up to 30 visitors will be allowed in households each day.

“That’s not 30 for lunch and 30 for dinner, that’s 30 across the course of a day,” Mr Andrews said.…

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