What will international travel look like for Australians once borders open?

What will international travel look like for Australians once borders open?

The news of two potential COVID-19 vaccines showing promising results in late stage trials has been welcomed by many, including those itching to start travelling or return home.

Earlier this month, the Federal Government released Australia’s vaccination policy, which said that while vaccinations will not be mandatory, a proof of vaccination may be required for people entering or returning to the country.

It was the first time the Government had given a firm indication of what future international travel might look like.

Further details of international travel requirements are still emerging, but experts have given some insight into what we might expect when those overseas journeys become possible again.

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Australian travellers returning from a yellow fever-risk country are already required to have a proof of vaccination.(ABC News: Melanie Vujkovic)

Certain vaccinations had already been required for travel before the coronavirus pandemic, depending on the passenger’s origin or destination.

For example, travellers must have an international certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis (ICVP) to enter countries that have mandated a yellow fever vaccination, or to leave places with a high risk of polio.

In Australia, travellers returning from a country where yellow fever is a risk — including places in Africa, South America and Central America — are required to have a valid ICVP.

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