Health providers and doctors will be banned from revealing which COVID-19 vaccine they offer as Australia prepares to roll out two jabs at the same time.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has revealed its guidelines for advertising the vaccine, barring health providers from using their own ads to spruik the jab.

It also prohibits GPs, pharmacies and health centres from advertising which vaccine they offer.

The guidelines bar them from revealing “the tradename and/or active ingredient of the specific vaccine or other information that might enable consumers to identify the particular vaccine or the manufacturer of the vaccine”.

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media_cameraThe TGA has released its guidelines on advertising COVID-19 vaccines. Picture: NCA NewsWire

They are free to use government-approved material on the vaccine and provide basic information such as where and when vaccines can be accessed.

But using other promotions, such as a video of patients praising the experience of receiving the vaccine, is banned.

Businesses are also banned from implying harmful effects could occur from not taking the vaccine.

The first phase of the rollout consists of the Pfizer vaccine, the first approved by the TGA, but will also include AstraZeneca jab from the end of next month…

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