‘What’s Wrong With Me?’ Young COVID Survivors Battle Long-Haul Symptoms


TUESDAY, Feb. 23, 2021 — It’s been nearly a year since David Speal, 38, first fell ill with COVID-19, but a racing heartbeat remains a regular reminder of his brush with the new coronavirus.

Even the littlest thing — not eating at the right time, not drinking enough water, too much exercise, a stressful encounter — can send Speal’s heartbeat soaring as high as 150 beats per minute.

“My autonomic nervous system is completely off-base. I can’t control my fight-or-flight response,” the New York City resident said. “My life is not my own anymore.”

COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, but it has become notorious for producing the sort of long-term health problems that aren’t normally associated with the common cold or the flu, experts say.

There have been a “large constellation of symptoms” linked to COVID-19 that can persist for months after the person recovers, said Dr. Allison Navis, neurology clinic director for the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.

These “long-hauler” symptoms range from the physical to the psychological, experts have found.

For example, Mark Robbins complains of continuing fatigue and brain fog following his bout with COVID, which landed him in the hospital for three weeks and required mechanical ventilation to keep him breathing…

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