White House officials consider new push on masks as Covid cases rise – live

white house officials consider new push on masks as covid cases rise live

Sumary of White House officials consider new push on masks as Covid cases rise – live:

  • But in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott, who is up for reelection, is refusing to impose a statewide mask mandate even though cases are on the rise.
  • Greg Abbott says he will not impose another statewide mask mandate, despite COVID-19 cases being on the rise again.
  • “There will be no mask mandate imposed, and the reasons for that are very clear,” Abbott told KPRC-TV in Houston on Tuesday.
  • ” It would be “inappropriate to require people who already have immunity to wear a mask,” Abbott said.
  • It’s a rare sign of the times and specific moment for Trump supporters: former Senator Bob Dole of Kansas, the former Republican presidential nominee, who endorsed Donald Trump now says the 45th president lost fair and square to Joe Biden.
  • But the high-level discussions reflect rising concerns across the administration about the threat of the delta variant and a renewed focus on what measures may need to be reintroduced to slow its spread.

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