WHO advises doctors not to use Gilead’s remdesivir for COVID-19

who advises doctors not to use gileads remdesivir for covid 19

Sumary of WHO advises doctors not to use Gilead’s remdesivir for COVID-19:

  • The recommendation is a blow to Gilead drug, which was one of the first thought to offer a meaningful benefit in treatment of coronavirus patients after a study showed it reduced their recovery time..
  • The experts made the recommendation after the results of a global trial sponsored by the WHO, called Solidarity, found last month that remdesivir didn’t reduce deaths..
  • Food and Drug Administration approved the drug a week later, basing its decision on a trial run by the National Institutes of Health that showed remdesivir reduced hospitalized patients’ recovery time by five days..
  • Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed journals have show remdesivir, also known by its brand name, Veklury, is beneficial against the virus, particularly in improving recovery time, “which can free up limited hospital resources,”.
  • Despite the discordance with the WHO, the FDA said in its review of remdesivir that “there were no issues identified that would benefit from discussion”…

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