‘Who knows what the inside is like?’ The Australians buying houses they have never seen

who knows what the inside is like the australians buying houses they have never seen

Sumary of ‘Who knows what the inside is like?’ The Australians buying houses they have never seen:

  • ”On Tuesday the 35-year-old and her partner made an offer on a house they had seen only through photos and videos, conditional on the property passing a building and pest inspection.
  • Buying a property sight unseen used to be something done only by investors, or people moving from overseas.
  • In Melbourne, prospective buyers and buyer’s agents have not been allowed to do private inspections during the recent lockdown, though that is slated to change when the first-dose vaccination rate reaches 70% later this month.
  • All capital cities recorded growth, and six cities registered double-digit growth.
  • “We were just watching the property prices grow, and just thinking: we have some money now, and it is probably going to cost a lot more in a few years’ time,” she says.
  • Brunswick resident Alice Kemble, who bought a property in Canberra without having set foot inside.
  • Lynda McNeill, a buyer’s advocate in Melbourne, frequently facilitates long-distance property purchases and conducts inspections on behalf of clients.

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