Why COVID-19 Is Rising Around Asia this Year After a Mild 2020

why covid 19 is rising around asia this year after a mild 2020

Sumary of Why COVID-19 Is Rising Around Asia this Year After a Mild 2020:

  • TAIPEI – Asian countries are reporting record COVID-19 waves this year compared to 2020, as vaccination drives fall short and governments lose hope that mass closures and border controls can keep the coronavirus away, observers in the region say.
  • Many Asian countries held back the respiratory disease in 2020 by barring foreign tourists and shutting down places where people gather.
  • Manufacturing-reliant Asian economies held up economically last year for lack of long-term work stoppages.
  • In Indonesia, the government has accepted vaccines from China and other sources, but the country’s full vaccination rate is just 6%.
  • ” A health worker administers the COVID-19 vaccine at the Central Vaccination Center in Bangkok, Thailand, July 22, 2021.Much of 660 million-population Southeast Asia now faces new rounds of economic inactivity triggered by business closures and stay-home orders to contain the virus.

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