Why Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Will Fail: CNBC’s Cramer Answers – Chaos!

why covid 19 vaccine distribution will fail cnbcs cramer answers chaos

Sumary of Why Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Will Fail: CNBC’s Cramer Answers – Chaos!:

  • In an interview with Operation Warp Speed Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Moncef Slaoui, Cramer challenged the depiction of the administration “plan”.
  • Succinctly, the immediate takeaway is that nothing will be accomplished without clear instructions, and given the Trump Administration checkered history with any Covid-19 operations, that might be asking too much..
  • That leaves us with the needed planning to be done by the forthcoming Biden administration, which stresses the need for immediate cooperation between the current task force and the incoming administration COVID task force (Which is currently not even legal!)..
  • As the headlines all say, the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine will be reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration FDA Advisory Committee on December 10th, prior to granting them an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)..
  • Failure or delay at any step of the process will compromise the success of the entire operation on which millions of lives depend..
  • Each will face similar development and approval requirements, but each will present unique challenges in manufacturing, distribution, administration, and monitoring..
  • State and local governments will be pressed to provide the people and secure funding to implement vaccine administration..
  • It will do no good if a POD has vaccine and supplies but lacks the appropriate staff and equipment for its administration….

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