Why Some Experts Think Nasal Sprays Are the Best Approach for COVID-19 Vaccines

why some experts think nasal sprays are the best approach for covid 19 vaccines 1

Sumary of Why Some Experts Think Nasal Sprays Are the Best Approach for COVID-19 Vaccines:

  • Share on PinterestExperts say a nasal spray would attack the novel coronavirus at the point it enters the body.
  • Petri Oeschger/Getty ImagesResearchers say a nasal spray vaccine against COVID-19 might be the most effective way to fight the novel coronavirus.
  • That’s because the virus usually enters the human body in the nasal passage, and a spray would attack the invader there.
  • Right now, 7 of the 100 COVID-19 vaccines in clinical trials are nasal sprays.
  • That’s why testing for the novel coronavirus involves nasal swabs.
  • If that’s the case, though, why do we vaccinate people against COVID-19, the disease caused by an infection with the coronavirus, with a shot in the arm and not a nasal spray?
  • Indeed, nasal sprays can be used to vaccinate against COVID-19, and several such vaccines are now being developed.
  • “One of the big selling points would be that intranasal vaccines are needle-free, and there is a big population of people who are freaked out by getting a needle stick,” Dr. Troy Randall, an inflammation, immunology, and immunotherapeutics researcher at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, told Healthline.

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