Will Biden ‘De-Politicize’ COVID?


Sumary of Will Biden ‘De-Politicize’ COVID?:

  • 19 — President-elect Joe Biden campaigned on big plans for health care, many of which would face an uphill road if the U.S..
  • But one of the first contributions Biden will make to America’s health also will be one of the most important, experts said — de-politicizing and unifying the U.S..
  • “I think you have in this person, Joe Biden, a person who believes in science and is listening to the experts in the scientific community,”.
  • By promoting faith in science and the need for shared sacrifice, Biden aims to bring the country together as it endures a COVID surge during what looks to be a hard winter..
  • Wearing a mask became a political statement under President Donald Trump, who famously attacked Biden for taking this basic precaution..
  • Experts expect Biden to promote a more vigorous federal response to the pandemic by empowering public health agencies like the U.S..
  • Biden is expected to take a much more active role in steering resources where they are most needed, and using federal power to require industry to produce resources that are in short supply, Riefberg said..
  • Biden’s campaign website calls for creating a Pandemic Testing Board similar to the World War II-era War Production Board under President Franklin D…

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