Woman who was bedridden for an entire year due to long-haul COVID symptoms tells her story


Sumary of Woman who was bedridden for an entire year due to long-haul COVID symptoms tells her story:

  • ToniAnn Cusumano was a healthy, active and busy real estate broker in Brooklyn, New York, before the COVID-19 pandemic struck last March..
  • She contracted the virus after her husband, Ron, brought it home from a ski trip in Italy – which was an early hotbed that eventually took the world by storm..
  • Although her infection cleared after a few weeks, Cusumano still experienced symptoms like fatigue and sensitivity to light..
  • She is now featured as part of a new documentary that hopes to raise awareness to her plight, and that of thousands of other Americans..
  • There are a wide-array of symptoms that can appear, including continued loss of taste and smell, long-term fatigue, or – in Cusumano’s case – long-term sensory issues..
  • She still feels mild forms of the symptoms everyday, to the point where she even still has trouble going down the stairs in her home..
  • Greenspan had taken an interest in long-haul COVID patients from when he first heard about the condition, and wanted to dig in to find out what was happening..
  • He said he first became aware of long-haul COVID when he heard of many patients, often women in their 30s through 50s who were in relatively good health, experiencing severe COVID symptoms long after having the virus….

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