World Brain Day 2021: How does Covid-19 affect the brain?

world brain day 2021 how does covid 19 affect the brain

Sumary of World Brain Day 2021: How does Covid-19 affect the brain?:

  • Just like other organs in the body, the virus is understood to affect the brain as well.
  • According to a study by WebMD, about 1 in 7 persons, who have had Covid-19, have developed neurological side effects, or symptoms that affected their brain function.
  • Dr Vinay Goyal, director, neurology at Institute of Neurosciences, Medanta, says based on research, there are four predominant ways in which the COVID-19 virus can affect the brain: 1. The virus may have the capacity to intrude the brain, causing a severe and sudden infection.
  • 3. Physiological changes that the body undergoes due to the virus, which can account for brain dysfunction.
  • In case these blood clots narrow the arteries leading to the brain, one can suffer a stroke.
  • Brain Fog ‘Brain Fog’ is the term commonly used for referring to Covid complications of the brain.
  • Dr Goyal says it “encompasses various lingering symptoms of the virus related to the brain”.
  • “These symptoms are commonly experienced a few weeks after recovering from the virus.

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