You’re much less likely to get long COVID if you’ve been vaccinated

youre much less likely to get long covid if youve been vaccinated

Sumary of You’re much less likely to get long COVID if you’ve been vaccinated:

  • Increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates as quickly as possible is currently a major focus for Australia.
  • Doing so has clear benefits in reducing new infections and preventing severe disease, hospitalisation and death.
  • One question which is frequently asked is – does COVID vaccination prevent you from getting long COVID?
  • There has been much international debate as to the definition of long COVID, how common it is, and how long it may last.
  • Studies examining the frequency of long COVID range from anywhere to over 80% in hospitalised patients with severe initial illness, to as low as 2-3% in one large app-based study of largely young healthy people in the United Kingdom.
  • A recent review of 45 studies and almost 10,000 people suggested almost 75% of them reported at least one persistent symptom at 12 or more weeks after COVID infection.
  • Many of these studies are highly dependent on the choice of people studied, and whether they required a definite confirmation by positive swab testing.
  • The Australian ADAPT study (led by myself and other colleagues from St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney), enrolled people who’d had confirmed positive PCR tests, as well as a mix of hospitalised people and those who didn’t go to hospital.

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