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The Top 10 Spirit Animals of Dental Hygienists

© blackday / Adobe Stock Have you ever wondered if feelings, emotions, and actions are learned behavior or instinct?. As trained health professionals, dental hygienists have zeroed in on how to become highly efficient, effective,…

New Dental Hygiene Grads: 10 Tips for Transitioning to Practice

You’ve endured many hours of studying, mock boards, clinicals, taking tests, meeting proficiencies, late-night cram sessions, searching for that perfect board patient, and now it has finally paid off!. I wish that a seasoned…

Hygiene School During COVID: How My Class Braved Through It

© Seventyfour / Adobe Stock The sun is barely out this morning, and my six clinic buddies and I wait in our cars in the campus parking lot.. When the clock hits seven, our dental hygiene instructors emerge from the building…

Do bacteria in the mouth affect arthritis risk?

A new study from the Netherlands found that people at risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and people with early RA (ERA) had higher levels of two groups of bacteria, Prevotella and Veillonella, in their saliva…..

Research Supports SARS-CoV-2 May be Spread through Saliva

© Robert Kneschke / Adobe Stock Finding the Virus Vectors During the first year of the pandemic, there was growing worldwide consensus that COVID-19 was spread primarily through respiratory means.. It was also shown quite…

QUIZ: Test your Baking Soda Toothpaste Knowledge

Test your baking soda toothpaste knowledge with this quick quiz and then enter to win one of 500 cases of ARM &. HAMMER™ Toothpastes, made with 100% Natural Baking Soda, gently clean and remove more plaque than non-baking…

Few Kids Seeing a Dentist Have COVID-19, Study Finds

FRIDAY, April 30, 2021 — Just 2% of young dental patients without COVID-19 symptoms tested positive for the new coronavirus, according to a new study.. Kids with COVID-19 are typically asymptomatic but can carry high levels…

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