Degree Completion: A Bachelor’s Can Unlock Opportunities for Dental Hygienists


Sumary of Degree Completion: A Bachelor’s Can Unlock Opportunities for Dental Hygienists:

  • © / Adobe Stock Graduation from dental hygiene school is an impressive and rewarding accomplishment..
  • For many, it meant overcoming numerous challenges and obstacles to ultimately achieve the dream of working as a dental hygienist..
  • To this day, it is the degree that I am the proudest of, but there are many reasons to consider pursuing a higher education beyond the associate degree, including obtaining a bachelor degree..
  • Fortunately, pursuing a bachelor degree completion program could be how you expand your skillset and increase your earnings by unlocking new career opportunities..
  • Expand Your Skill Set When it comes to a clinical role in dental hygiene, an associate degree can earn the same position as a dental hygienist who possesses a bachelor degree..
  • I am proud to share that I pursued higher education and successfully obtained a bachelor degree after completing dental hygiene school..
  • For many, going back to school would mean working full-time, caring for a family, and undertaking college courses..
  • Successfully achieving a degree amongst life responsibilities and challenges only deepens a person self-confidence and a stronger sense of self….

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