Tardive Dyskinesia: Dental Hygienists Can Monitor for Effects of Antipsychotic Medications

tardive dyskinesia dental hygienists can monitor for effects of antipsychotic medications

Sumary of Tardive Dyskinesia: Dental Hygienists Can Monitor for Effects of Antipsychotic Medications:

  • © mdaros / Adobe Stock Tardive dyskinesia (TD) is a serious side effect from the long-term use of certain antipsychotic drugs used to treat mental illness.
  • Tardive dyskinesia can present itself orally in the dental chair as extreme wear from years of uncontrolled gnashing and grinding of teeth, causing excessive occlusal wear, reduction of structure, and fracturing enamel.
  • A very close family member suffered from TD for years before it started taking a toll on her teeth.
  • Social Impact of Tardive Dyskinesia Her most beautiful smile was slowly demolished from the abusive side effects of (in her case) aripiprazole.
  • The years of extensive, uncontrolled jaw movements (back and forth as well as circular) also became a social frustration for her and the family.
  • Making the Connection Recently, a new patient presented with extreme wear and cupped occlusals.
  • Perhaps an alternative medication could serve to help them without such potentially permanent side effects.
  • However, there is a whole list of medications that could have these unwanted TD side effects.

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