Wanted: Unicorn Dental Office. Dental Hygienists’ Dream or Reality?

wanted unicorn dental office dental hygienists dream or reality

Sumary of Wanted: Unicorn Dental Office. Dental Hygienists’ Dream or Reality?:

  • © funstarts33 / Adobe Stock Tingles race up and down my spine as my feather-light body levitates seemingly by its own volition, high into the cottony clouds.
  • The definition most of us think of is a mythical white creature with a flowing mane and tail and a single spiraled horn on its forehead.
  • Does the practice welcome diversity, embrace challenges, and encourage individual thought?
  • Motivation: Does the practice provide you with whatever it takes to set your engines on fire?
  • Is the workstation set up ergonomically and, if not, is the practice owner willing to adjust a few things to help with that?
  • Clinical Philosophy: Does the practice encourage great work ethic, accountability, and integrity?

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