10 Healthy Twists on Classic Thanksgiving Recipes, According to Dietitians

10 healthy twists on classic thanksgiving recipes according to dietitians

Sumary of 10 Healthy Twists on Classic Thanksgiving Recipes, According to Dietitians:

  • Simply sprinkling cranberries on your candied yams dish before baking it can add a satisfying tartness to the dish along with some major health benefits.
  • pylori infection rate in Chinese adult participants compared to those consuming lower amounts of juice and a placebo.
  • pylori infection is the primary identified cause of gastric cancer while other major risk factors include chronic gastritis, high-salt diets, and chemical carcinogens.
  • Classic pie crusts, while delish, can be loaded with saturated fat and calories, while not offering up many nutritional benefits.
  • For a simple swap with no sacrifice on taste, make a nut-based pie crust using crushed walnuts, pecans, or pistachios, butter, and a touch of sugar (if desired).
  • RELATED: Secret Side Effects of Eating Walnuts, Says Dietitian ShutterstockAdding a can of drained white kidney beans to mashed potatoes is a hack that Brynn McDowell, RDN, registered dietitian, includes in her Thanksgiving prep.

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