9 Ways Snacking Can Help You Lose Weight, Say Dietitians

9 ways snacking can help you lose weight say dietitians

Sumary of 9 Ways Snacking Can Help You Lose Weight, Say Dietitians:

  • However, while excess calories can cause weight gain, it’s the types of snacks being consumed that can be the issue—especially if they don’t actually fill you up.
  • Snacking can help you lose weight if you are choosing snacks that will actually make you feel full and satisfied.
  • We asked a few registered dietitians to share with us the ways eating a snack can help you lose weight for the long term, along with their favorite snacks to eat.
  • Some of Paul’s favorites include an apple with 1 or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, 1/4 cup of nuts, 2 string cheeses, or 2 to 4 oz.
  • ” Shutterstock”Snacks are not necessarily designed to make you feel full, but rather to keep you from being as hungry at the next meal,” says Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, author of The Sports Nutrition Playbook.
  • Shutterstock”Snacks are a great option to enjoy between meals,” says Mackenzie Burgess, RDN, registered dietitian nutritionist and recipe developer at Cheerful Choices.
  • ” Burgess’ favorite snacks include rice cakes with low-fat cream cheese topped with cucumber slices and Greek yogurt parfaits with honey, 2-ingredient chia seed jam, and homemade granola.
  • Shutterstock”Snacks allow your body to burn any available calories rather than store them by lowering caloric intake over time and replacing high sugar snacks with healthier options for something quick in between meals or dinner,” says Edie Reads, RD and chief editor at healthadvise.

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