advances in care impact of covid highlights of latest cardiologists meeting

Sumary of Advances in Care, Impact of COVID Highlights of Latest Cardiologists’ Meeting:

  • News Consumer News Advances in Care, Impact of COVID Highlights of Latest Cardiologists’ Meeting By Dennis Thompson HealthDay ReporterFRIDAY, Nov.
  • One major study tracking more than 1.7 million patients found that efforts to control blood pressure dramatically slipped during the pandemic, increasing those folks’ chance of heart attack, stroke and heart disease.
  • The percentage of people whose blood pressure was under control slipped from 60% prior to COVID to about 50%.
  • “A 10% loss in people that have controlled blood pressure, just for that first six- to 12-month window of COVID — we know that unfortunately that will lead to aftereffects of the pandemic, with higher rates of cardiovascular events for many people,” Patel said.
  • According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of myocarditis among vaccine recipients “is maybe 30 to 50 times less than the rate associated with COVID itself, and is much less associated than all the other co-morbidities that happen when you get COVID,” Patel explained.
  • ” Healthier eating The meeting also included a discussion of the AHA’s new dietary guidelines, which were revamped for the first time in 15 years just before the sessions.
  • The new heart-healthy diet guidelines focus more on patterns of eating and making sure that you burn more calories than you eat, Patel said.
  • New advances in care Cutting edge studies presented at the meeting also gave heart doctors a better idea of how to improve care for patients: Doctors probably should go forward with surgery to replace a narrowed aortic valve, even if the patient has no symptoms, one clinical trial found.

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